A Man to Admire

I recently listened to Rich Roll's interview with Mike Freemont, a 100-year-old runner holding several world records from the mile to the marathon including the fastest recorded time for an 88, 90, and 91-year-old. He hasn't ruled out that he might compete in a marathon at age 100 - the only known person to do so if he is able. Holding world records in running isn't all - at 99 he raced in the Canoe National Championships. He's a 100-year-old, dual sport athlete.

I love hearing about anyone, at any age training, competing, and finding their limits. Mike's story is extra special. However, Mike's most impressive attribute is that he's out there at 100 years old fighting for climate change - a problem for which he will not see the full ramifications, as he only has a few years left on this earth. And yet, there he is, fighting as if it will impact him directly, doing more than most.

What an inspiration. Not only does he show that it's possible to be vibrant, active, healthy, and mentally sharp after a century on this planet, but he still cultivates a long-term mindset and is using his fading and precious time, on something that will benefit people other than himself.

What a beautiful man.

Mike Fremont