My Bank's ATM - A Pleasant Experience

I use my bank's ATMs for a few things - I pull out cash, and I deposit checks. When I get cash, it's always the same amount. When I deposit a check, I always choose to deposit in my checking account, and email me a receipt. It used to be that when going to the ATM, I pick from the options my same choices over and over, which was fine, I never thought otherwise, until.. One day the ATM remembered my choices from the previous time, and thought to ask, "Hey Alex, do you just want to deposit this check in your checking account and send a receipt to this particular email address?" It was a pleasant little surprise, to which I answered, "Why yes, that is what I'd like to do, thank you."

It only save a few seconds but was a welcome UX upgrade in my mind. Thanks to some nameless UX designer out there that thought to improve on a pretty standard ATM transaction experience.