Six Years of Learning

I have a young son who just turned six years old. One of the joys of parenting is watching how kids learn - the elasticity of their minds is astonishing. In a handful of years, my son has learned to walk, run, bike, ski, color, and draw. He has learned two languages. He's learned how to read, some basics of chess, how to grow plants, swim, throw a ball, play soccer, and build legos.

And yet, he's not a precocious genius, he's just a regular kid with an insatiable curiosity and the willingness to fall down.

When I think about what I've learned in the same six years, by comparison, it's a bit pathetic.

Could I have learned another language, learned to surf, ride a horse, become competent in jiu-jitsu, maybe some chemistry, and a bunch of other things that I didn't know six years ago? The answer is obviously yes.