The Square

It's another beautiful evening in Hvar, Croatia. The town square is glowing, the harbor is quiet, the water is calm and clear. The cafe tables are full, chairs facing out. The kids are out of school for the day, and some of them hang out and play in the square where their families and extended families casually swing by to pick them up and begin their evening routine. There are no cars in the square, only the occasional bike, or cart. The Cathedral of Saint Stephen with its roots back to the 1300s provides ambiance and a suitable futbol goal.

The Sqaure in Hvar, Croatia

Our new buddy, 4-year-old Peter, is playing in the square just like he does most days. His mom is nearby, attending her jewelry store which has been in the family for a few generations. Our son, 3-year-old Andre speaks no Croatian. Peter knows a handful of words in English. And yet, they are instantly friends - the beauty of kids. They simply chase a ball around the cobbled square, a game that needs no explanation or rules. The adults catch up on the day, sip some espresso, and slow way down, just like they do every day. The ball gets kicked out of play, a passerby happily sends it back into play - after all, it wasn't that long ago they were chasing a similar ball in this same square.

The church bell rings as a reminder that that perfect hour has passed.