I’ve been through the cycle of designing, coding, launching, and maintaining web applications more than 20 times in my career. I’ve learned a few things along the way.


I’m currently a Senior Software Engineer on a small team of awesome developers and project managers at MajorClarity.com. We're building a platform that helps students of all ages plan their future.


I was the Director of Engineering at Showami.com until March of 2020 where I worked with my business partner Matt Kuchar to build the best Realtor home showing exchange and marketplace on the market.

CKD Technology Partners

I was the VP of Engineering at CKD Technology Partners until fall of 2019 where I helped lead a smart, driven team to build great things. I worked to write great code and think deeply about technology and building successful products for our clients.

Enlightened Pixel

EnlightenedPixel is my home base for writing and thinking about the ever-changing web development industry. In the past I’ve run Enlightened Pixel as a development agency, helping clients build applications and identities on the web. More recently, I tinker with small side projects and simple products.